Indiana's #1 Solar EV Carport and Solar Pergola Provider

Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions for Commercial Properties in Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

Indiana's #1 Solar EV Carport and Solar Pergola Provider

Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions for Commercial Properties in Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

Are you a commercial property manager looking to provide an exceptional experience for EV drivers at your commercial establishment?

Imagine a state-of-the-art EV charging solution that not only powers your electric vehicles but also serves as an attractive shelter for your parking spaces. Suncharge EV, brought to you by Huston Electric and Steinberger Construction, offers cutting-edge solar pergola and solar carport installations equipped with EV charging capabilities.

State of The Sun Powered Art EV Charging Carports and Solar Pergolas

Solar pergola and carports are architecturally appealing structures outfitted with solar panels, providing shade and protection for electric vehicles (EVs) while generating clean, renewable energy to power their charging stations. This efficient and attractive addition to your commercial and or residential space will not only cater to the increasing demand for EV charging, but will also enhance the look and feel of your property.

Suncharge EV's Solar Pergolas and Carports: Harness the Sun's Power While Sheltering EVs

With our custom solar stations, you can expect:

The Possible Intentions of Suncharge EV Stations

Suncharge EV charging stations potentially aim to fulfill the specific need of charging electric vehicle (EV) fleets. By strategically situating these stations, Suncharge EV intends to provide a practical and efficient solution for businesses and organizations that rely on EV fleets, ensuring their vehicles are consistently powered and ready for operation while contributing to the overall promotion of sustainable transportation.

One potential use of Suncharge EV charging stations is to generate revenue through public access to charging services. These stations can cater to the needs of electric vehicle users seeking reliable and convenient charging options. By providing accessible and efficient charging points in strategic locations, Suncharge EV aims to tap into the growing market of electric vehicle owners, contributing to the expansion of sustainable transportation while also creating a source of income through charging services.

Incorporating Suncharge EV charging stations as an additional amenity to apartment complexes, commercial spaces, and workplaces holds significance in enhancing the value of your site. These charging stations can serve as a crucial feature for attracting environmentally conscious residents, tenants, and employees who own electric vehicles. By offering accessible and convenient charging options, your site can cater to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, positioning it as a forward-thinking and eco-friendly destination.

The Benefits of Suncharge EV Carports and Solar Pergola Stations


U.S. Design & Built

Suncharge EV Solar Pergola stations are a design/build joint venture between two locally-owned companies with long-standing reputations in Indiana. They are designed, sourced, and built by local contractors.


Fully Customizable

Each system comes with customizable options including powder-coating the steel structure any color requested and a choice to have your EV chargers with revenue generating software.


Quick Return on Investment

Whether you are installing a system to convert your vehicle fleet to EV or providing a resource for your employees or the community to charge, stations can easily provide a return on your investment in less than 2 years.

SunCharge EV qualifies for state and federal tax credits. Learn More!

Why Choose Suncharge EV for Your Solar Carport Project?

Site Layout & Coverage Configuration:

Architectural Design & Structural Engineering

Project Quoting & Presentation

Local Steel Fabrication, Delivery, & Erection

Solar Carports Vs Solar Pergolas: Combining Practicality and Elegance for all Spaces

In addition to solar carports, Suncharge EV offers state-of-the-art solar pergola installations. These structures offer similar benefits to solar carports, but with a slightly different layout, catering to aesthetic outdoor spaces and communal areas. Like our solar carports, our solar pergolas come with the same guarantees of efficient energy production, sleek aesthetics, low maintenance, and scalable solutions.

Schedule Your Commercial Solar Pergola System Installation Consultation

As dedicated and reputable Indiana-based companies, Huston Electric and Steinberger Construction are committed to delivering exceptional solar-powered carports sourced and installed by local, trustworthy contractors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your commercial property with our highly efficient and visually appealing solar pergolas and carports. Schedule your consultation with Suncharge EV today and start paving the way towards an eco-conscious and functional future for your Indiana commercial property.

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